Setting up a printer

This page describes how to set up a printer at our institute. It also describes solutions for common printing problems.

For Unix and Mac

Each of our printers has an assigned IP address. Check the /etc/printcap file on the server (Engram or Dementia, depending on whether you are in the Rockville or Morgantown building) to find out which printer corresponds to which address. Most of our printers support direct printing on port 9100 as well as ftp, SMB, and AppleTalk protocols. If all else fails, you can also print on some of our printers using a Web browser.

To set up a printer, create a new entry in /var/spool/lpd and add the information to your /etc/printcap file.



See man printcap for details.

For Windows

The following printers are available on Engram as network shares for Windows users:

  1. [copier]
  2. [cp4005]
  3. [hpcolor]
  4. [hpcolor2]
  5. [hpbw]
  6. [hpbw2]
  7. [canon]
  8. [canon-duplex]

The following printers are available on Dementia:

  1. [copier]
  2. [cp4005]

If you have a new network printer you'd like to make available, let me know and I will add it.

"Canon-duplex" is the same as "canon" except that the printer is automatically set to duplex (two-sided copy) mode. Hpcolor2 and hpbw2 are just different configurations of hpcolor and hbpw, in case you have trouble printing with one configuration.

There are three ways to install a printer in Windows: from the CD, over the network, or from Add Printer.

Using CD

  1. Put CD in CD tray in your computer.
  2. Click on Setup.
  3. Return CD to secretary.

If the CD is lost, I can make a new one for you.

Over the local network

For some printers, the entire contents of the CD are on Engram and Dementia in a separate folder for each printer. Example: /temporary/drivers/cp4005. Canon ImageRunner printers provide special software that controls the printer driver, so you should install these printers over the local network instead of using "Add Printer".

This example shows how to set up the printer cp4005.

  1. Use Windows to browse to /temporary/drivers/cp4005
  2. If it asks for a password, use 'brni' for password and username. (Note: This will give you guest access to the public areas on the server. This password only works if you are on our local network).
  3. Click on Setup.exe.

This example shows how to set up the printer driver for the Canon ImageRunner c2550.

  1. Use Windows to browse to /temporary/drivers/canon
  2. If it asks for a password, use 'brni' for password and username. (Note: This will give you guest access to the public areas on the server. This password only works if you are on our local network).
  3. Decide whether you want to use PCL or PostScript. Postscript is better for portability, but some Canon printers cut corners by not supporting Postscript. These printers need a special card to handle PostScript. In this case, choose PCL5 or PCL6. Click on the .exe file that most closely matches your PC.

Using 'Add Printer' in Windows

This is the best way to set up a printer, because your printing goes through the server, which can fix problems and prevent print jobs from getting mixed up. This example shows how to add the printer called "cp4005", which is on the server "Engram" (or "Dementia") on the network. The exact details may differ slightly in different versions of Windows.

Before starting, make sure you can browse the network (from My Computer). For Morgantown users, you might also have to set "Enable NetBios over TCP/IP" as described below.

Then, click on Control Panel - Network

  1. Start - Settings - Printers
  2. Add Printer
  3. Next - Network Printer - Next
  4. Click Next to browse for printer
  5. There are two places where you can specify the printer: in the Shared Printers menu or in the box that says "Printer".
  6. In the "Printer" box, type \\engram\ . A small completion box might appear. Select the desired printer. If no box appears, type the name of the printer. For example, \\engram\canon .
  7. Alternatively, you can select from the "Shared printers" list. The icons that have a small '+' are servers. Double click on the small '+' next to 'Engram' or 'Dementia' to expand it, then click on the icon for the desired printer. (Notice that the "Printer" text field is automatically filled in when you do this, which means it's the same action.)
  8. If it doesn't expand, that means it needs a password.
    1. Go to your desktop and click on My Network Places.
    2. Click on Engram or Dementia.
    3. Enter your Engram or Dementia username and password,
    4. Or, enter 'brni' for the username and password to login as guest.
  9. On Engram or Dementia, click on cp4005. It will turn blue.
  10. Next
  11. Click OK on the message box.
  12. A message box might pop up saying "Printer drivers may contain viruses or scripts that can be harmful to your computer. Would you like to continue?" Click Yes.
  13. Another message box might pop up saying "The server for the printer driver does not have the correct printer driver installed." Click OK.
  14. A dialog box should now appear showing a list of printer manufacturers. You can select the manufacturer and printer from the list if you know the printer manufacturer and model number. If Windows has the printer driver already, this should work. However, most of the time Windows will not have the printer driver. In that case, ignore the Manufacturer stuff and click on "Have Disk..."
  15. It will say "Insert the manufacturer's installation disk". If you have a disk or CD-ROM, you can insert it here. If not, then click Browse. Browse to engram:/temporary/drivers/cp4005/Drivers/i386/PS or dementia:/temporary/drivers/cp4005/Drivers/i386/PS. If you are installing a Canon printer, the driver will be in someplace like engram:/temporary/drivers/cp4005/Drivers/i386/PS. Or it might be in someplace like engram:/temporary/drivers/hp2100/english/drivers/ps_win2k . The exact location is determined by how the manufacturer set up their disk.

    Usually, there will be a directory for the language ("english"), one directory for the Windows version, and one directory for PostScript (PS) or PCL. Use PostScript if your printer can handle it, because PostScript is more widely useful by other people and other printers. Some printer manufacturers are now cutting corners and making PostScript an extra-cost option. If your printer can't do PostScript, select PCL.
  16. A printer driver will have a .inf extension. If Windows finds a printer driver, the name (for example, hpc4005d.inf) will be shown. Click on the printer driver name.
  17. If the printer driver is old, Windows will say The software you are installing has not passed Windows Logo testing blah blah Continuing your installation may impair or destabilize the correct operation blah stop the installation now blah blah punishable by death blah blah contact blah blah blah.

    Click Continue Anyway
  18. OK
  19. OK
  20. It will copy a large number of files from the server over to your PC.
  21. Default printer, select yes or no.
  22. Finish

To Test the printer:

  1. Right-click on the cp4005 icon and select Properties.
  2. Click Print Test Page.
  3. Click OK.

To Enable NetBios over TCP/IP

Netbios over TCP/IP is needed if you have a static IP address. If someone gave you an IP address to use, you might have to do the following steps in order for Windows to find things on the network. If nothing happens when you click on the Workgroup name, try the steps below.

  1. Control panel - Network connections
  2. Right-click on the icon for the connection you want to use (for example, Local Area Connection).
  3. Select Properties from the menu.
  4. Select Internet Protocol TCP/IP or IPv4 from the menu. It should turn blue.
  5. Click Properties.
  6. Advanced
  7. Click the WINS tab
  8. Check "Enable NetBios over TCP/IP"
  9. Enter the IP address of the WINS server. In Morgantown, it is For Rockville, it should be already filled in because we have a functional DHCP server.
  10. Click OK, OK, Close.


Checking Printer Status To find the current printer status, including the amount of toner and paper remaining, click on "HP cp4005 Printer" on our local website, Most of the printers, including the copy machine and the HP cp4005, also have their own website which you can access from work (but not from outside the institute).

Can't find printer on network If you have trouble finding the server on the network, check to make sure your computer is set to the correct workgroup. Example: in Windows 2000, right-click on "My Computer" and select Properties. Click on the Network Identification tab. In XP, open the Control Panel and click on System, then click the Computer Name tab. In NT, open the Control Panel, click on Network, and click the Identification tab. If your workgroup is not "BRNI", click the Properties button to change it, then reboot.

Printing from outside the institute It is not possible to print to any of our printers from outside the Institute. Access to our printers is blocked by our firewall.

If you are on a Windows Domain If someone from IT came to your computer and put you on their Windows domain, the procedures in this page will not work. You have to print using the printers that IT set up for you. Or you can take yourself off the domain. (If you don't know how to do this, you probably shouldn't do it.)

Printing PDFs Adobe Acrobat 8 sometimes has trouble printing PDF files on our Canon ImageRunner. If you have difficulty printing PDF files, please use the "Direct Print" option on the web interface for the Canon at our local website. The web interface can print any PDF file.

Printing on 11×17 paper The Web interface for the Canon printer can make multiple copies, 11x17 prints, and two-sided prints of any PostScript or PDF document. To convert your document to PostScript, make sure your computer is using a PostScript driver (not a PCL driver), then select "Print to file". Don't forget to put the appropriate paper in the copier first.

Printing PostScript files The Web interface is especially useful for Windows users, who cannot print PostScript files. Using a browser, it is possible to select any Postscript or PDF file on your disk and send it to the printer (canon).

Can't print in Windows If you click "print" and nothing happens: In some versions of Windows, it is necessary to give the guest password to the server before you are allowed to print. This is true even if the guest password is blank. Unfortunately, Windows does not always put up a dialog box to allow you to give the password. The solution is to click on "Network Neighborhood" or "My Network Places", and navigate to the server (engram or dementia). Windows will then ask for a password. Once you type the password, you will then be able to print.

Using the old printer in Rockville Your configuration for the old HP color printer should still work. It is located by the microwave.

Other problems Please let me know when something doesn't work. I never use Windows myself, so if you don't tell me about it, it will never get fixed.

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