Information for Employees

Network usage policy
How to set up a printer in Windows
Departures: If you leave the Institute
Dealing with email spam
How to check your spam folders
Shipping information
Procedures for using radioactive materials
Mercury cleanup procedures
Tips on using our network
Tips on reporting network problems
Quick guide to telephone features
Quick guide to building security
Using Imal image analysis software in Windows

Manuals (PDF Format)

Guidelines for the Care and Use of Mammals in Neuroscience and Behavioral Research (local access only)
Beckman Ultracentrifuge: Rotors, Tubes & Accessories
Voicemail Manual--Octel Aria
Telephone Manual--Lucent 8410B
Taylor-Wharton 10K/24K Liquid Nitrogen Freezer Manual
Beckman LS-3801 Scintillation Counter Manual
Basic Radiation Safety Course(local access only)