Network usage policy

(last updated 1/09/2008)

Our policy is to maximize the usability of our network for our scientists and employees. We may block access to our network from any outside address that tries to hack us or otherwise interfere with the use of our computers. We do not censor content, monitor email, or examine the contents of anyone's files without their permission. We also do not monitor network traffic except as necessary to maintain connectivity and prevent interference from viruses, hackers, or harmful software.

However, users should be aware that circumstances could arise in which files on the server or on their personal computers, including email, may have to be examined by Institute administrative staff or released to legal authorities. Users are advised to be as careful about the contents of electronic files and email as they are with paper documents.

For security reasons, most incoming network connections are blocked by our firewall, except for designated servers.

Please avoid doing any of the following:

  1. Putting large numbers of personal files (such as music, movies, etc) on the server. This would deprive other users of space for their files.
  2. Installing any wireless devices such as Wi-fi routers or switches to the network. This is a security and privacy risk. If you need wireless connectivity, let us know and we will activate a wireless access point.
  3. Circumvent our computer security, e.g. by trying to break into the root account on our servers. This would cause us to get mad at you.
  4. Sending unsolicited bulk email (spam). Any account intentionally sending spam will be permanently closed with no warning.