Computer 101: Lesson 2
How to telnet to the server

Most of the following lectures require this technique. It can be broken down into three steps: logging in, doing something, and logging out. Easy.

Step 1: Logging in

  1. Click on the Start button. This is the small gray rectangle in the lower left of your screen that says "Start" and has a Windows icon on it (see Figure 1).
    The Start Button
    Figure 1. The Start Button.

  2. Click on "Run...".
  3. It will say "Type the name of a program". Type the following:
        telnet br*
    (substitute the correct letter for the '*').
  4. Click on the OK button.
  5. It will say:
        engram login:
  6. Type your username (see Lesson 1 if you've forgotten it).
  7. Press down on the "Enter" key on your keyboard (See Figure 2).
    The Enter Key
    Figure 2. The Enter Key.

    You need to press this key every time you type a command, otherwise the computer will not do anything. This is how the computer knows when you are done typing.

  8. The computer will say:
  9. Type the password you were given when your email account was activated. This is the password that we gave you a long time ago, unless you changed it yourself.
  10. Press the Enter key on your keyboard again.
  11. It should now say something like "You have old mail. Last login Thu Nov 16, 1972 on tty1".
  12. If it says "Login incorrect", this means you typed your username or password wrong. You must enter both your username and your password again. Continue until you get the "Last login" message. If you make a mistake three times, you will have to close the telnet window and start again.
  13. Congratulations, you are now logged in on the server.
Step 2: Doing something

Of course, you don't just login to the server for fun. Here are some basic tasks in Unix.

Of course, you need to press the 'Enter' key after typing each of these commands, or the computer will not do anything.

Extra credit: Use the 'man' command to find out how to print a file on the printer named "hpbw".

Step 3: Logging out

Okay, that was fun. Can I quit now?

  1. You're not done yet. Now you have to get off the server. Of course, you could just click on the little "X" in the corner, or even turn your computer off at this point, but it's better to exit gracefully. Some servers send a snotty message to the server's administrator if a remote user breaks the connection abnormally.
  2. Type:
    and press the Enter key on your keyboard. It should say "Connection closed by remote host".
  3. If the telnet window doesn't go away, type "exit" and press Enter again. The little black box on your screen should disappear.

January 19, 2003